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If you are a Rockhouse Mountain property owner, you should know the following. Rockhouse is a private subdivision consisting of half-acre lots that are located in Conway. The subdivision is primarily accessed by privately owned and maintained association roads. The development is serviced by an association operated water system. The properties are controlled by covenants which are on file at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds, and should accompany any deed transferred.

Agreement by the Association to provide water will be necessary to obtain a State of New Hampshire septic system permit, on most lots. A septic system approval is required before a Town of Conway Building Permit can be issued. Rockhouse Mountain Property Owners Association will supply water to any Association member in good standing; good standing being defined as current in payment of all past and present maintenance and water fees, and in compliance with all of Rockhouse Mountain's covenants, and other duly enacted regulations established by the association.

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