About Rockhouse Mountain

Rockhouse Mountain is a small community located on the cusp of Madison and Conway, located next to Eidelweiss Village. If you are tired of heavy traffic, and the noise and pollution it creates, Rockhouse Mountain is a prime location for you. Rockhouse boasts clean air, access to Eidelweiss' beaches along the three Pea Porridge Ponds, breathtaking views and friendly neighbors.

Rockhouse was established in the 70's mainly for this purpose. The majority of Rockhouse used to be a part of Eidelweiss, but was cut off to form its own association. Due to the original maintenance company of the development ceasing to continue maintaining Rockhouse, the Rockhouse Mountain Property Owners Association (RMPOA) was established to fix and plow the roads, and maintain the water supply.

Ever since the 70's, Rockhouse has been a prime location for families, with virtually no crime and land values on the rise.

By buying a property in Rockhouse Mountain, you are an official member of the RMPOA and are eligible for a position on the Board. RMPOA holds annual meetings every fall. To learn more, feel free to email one of the board members.

David Cahill


Email: dvdcahill4@gmail.com

Phone Number: (603) 387-9497

Mike Martel

Vice President

Email: martelm@martelenginc.com

Rich Gordon

Treasurer, Secretary

Email: Argkwaj@hotmail.com

Susan Fox

Board Member

Email: susan.j.fox2015@gmail.com

Jeff Tasker

Board Member

Email: jtasker@velcro.com

Greg Marshall

Board Member

Email: qualmangreg@gmail.com

Mark Scanlon

Board Member

Email: markscanlon43@yahoo.com

Valerie Shae


Email: jnejams@roadrunner.com

Jim Hannigan

Board Member

Email: jimsphoto@aol.com

Eric Shae

Web Developer

Email: shaeeric@gmail.com

Bruce Scola

Board Member

Email: brucescola@gmail.com

Tom Mason

Water Systems Operator

Phone: (603) 344-5363