Where Peace and Beauty Prosper


Rockhouse Mountain combines a beautiful forest setting with tremendous views, right inside the Mount Washington Valley.


No New News For Now

The new board members have been elected! View them on the About Us Page.


Once every year, Rockhouse Mountain property owners and board members meet.

View a copy of the minutes page for the last meeting here.


Everyone who owns a property in Rockhouse Mountain (House or lot), you are an official member of RMPOA and are eligible for a position on the board.

Contact Us

All general inquiries can be sent to Info@rmpoa.net. If you would like to contact a board member, click more.

Winter Parking Ban

Please refrain from parking on association roads during winter weather conditions, so the snow plows can clear the roads safer and more effectively.

Water Conservation

Even with the addition of Well 4, we all need to continue conserving water to maintain all of the wells for the years to come.

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